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Quality Adventures Season Recap

         Its that time of year again to sit by the fireplace and recap last seasons events. Spring turkey season was one of our best seasons yet! we shot only adult Gobblers with the majority of them in the 3-5 year old range and one bird topping the scales at 25.5 lbs sporting  thick 1 5/8" spurs and a 10 1/2 " beard. Congratulations go to Jerome who comes all the way from Montreal to hunt with us. We had 6 birds harvested with  1 1/4" spurs or better in 2018.
         Jeffery C Jr was our only hunter not to pull the trigger. He was our youth hunter and to his credit did not try to extend his range beyond the comfort zone we predetermined for this hunt Jeffery saw multiple Toms each day and had an exciting hunt. "We will get him this spring Jeffery." For the rest of the season starting in May we where at 100% shooting opportunity with only one hunter missing at yardage well within his guns capabilities, Twice !!! Jim has had Trouble with deer TROLLS in the past, but never "Turkey Trolls messing with his sights and causing him to miss! You had to be there , Right Jim " ? with the number of Birds spotted on our hunting properties this fall and winter we are in for another great season in 2019 I am excited already. 
       Bow season was next and we found most of the deer feeding on the white acorns early on with all hunters having opportunity to score on deer within range. A few of our hunters missed deer and unfortunately some animals where not recovered. by seasons end we had harvested many bucks and some nice does as well. We did well to harvest deer regularly in a year that had us hunting in the wet and rain , then fronts and high winds following made hunting conditions difficult to say the least. I am ready for a normal Autumn this year coming.
       Rifle Season, through out the rifle season we had great success the opening three days we had snow cover and our hunters scored on some quality bucks two really nice 8 pointers some 6 pt, 4pts, spikes, and a 3pt as well as multi pal does.  . late rifle hunts did just as well with several more decent bucks harvested as well as some really fat does. Another quality 8 point and a long horned 4 pt was added to the list on the second to the last day of the rifle season this past December.
       Muzzle loader season was 100% harvest,  with our seasoned hunter "AKA" ( the meat man ) Jerome from Montreal  harvesting two deer. that brings his grand total to four deer this season with one large 8 pointer. He also shot the Quality Adventures record turkey this year. Jerome again lives up to his nick name. (He truly is the Meat Man !!!)
        Youth Rifle Hunt,  I purposely saved this story for last because Jeffery C Jr. came back for the Youth deer season in October after not getting a turkey this April and scored not only on a deer opening day but he also scored on a nice fat coyote witch he is having mounted. congratulations Jeffery and nice shooting !!!.     
           With all the deer and turkeys spotted after the season, 2019 looks promising again indeed. I would like to take the time to thank all of you for your business and look forward to seeing you again this year. Be safe and may God bless all of you.

Ed Van Nostrand, President
Ed Van Nostrand is a:

Licensed NYS Guide

NRA Member

North American
Hunt Club
Life Member

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