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Whitetail Deer Bow Hunting Trips in New York

These are 5-Day guided hunting trips and are conducted from tree stands or ground blinds. There is no still hunting or stalking of
deer permitted. There will be many opportunities for deer sighting during this five day hunt. We will be in the stands a half-hour before daylight and the typical sit is about 3-4 hours, during the rut we have hunters that sit all day from before dawn until dusk. This is a great tactic, but it requires a lot of concentration. Many of the hunters will take a break from 11am-2pm, or so, and then take a stand again until dusk. Most times this is recommended because you don't want to be fidgety during prime time towards evening.  See New York State DEC regulations for hunting with a bow and arrow.

Required Equipment: safety belt (provided by the hunter)

Recommended Equipment: Scent control, scent lock suit, sprays, etc.; Camouflaged clothing, High rubber boots are a must.

(Please note that scents and lures are very effective during the pre-rut and rut .)

During the rut, limited calling can be an effective hunting tool. (grunts, bleats).

For more information on what to expect during a bow hunting trip in NY, click here!

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Click here for a complete list of
our hunts and package pricing.
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