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Winter Muzzle Loader Guided Hunting Trips, NY

This is a 4-day hunt conducted in mid-December and is one of our most popular guided hunting trips here in Columbia County, NY. With proper tags a buck and a doe or two does may be harvested. The weather is generally cold so we recommend bringing warm clothing in layers so you can dress according to the weather. Many times we are at "One Hundred Percent Shooting Opportunity" and most years bucks seem to be on the prowl. The first year does are coming into heat 28 days after the peak rut which is about November 15th, in our area. The second rut is around one week in duration and is approximately from December 12th to the 19th, this coincides with our 4 day hunt. 

For the most part this time of year deer are back in feeding patterns and feel relaxed. Large groups of deer are not uncommon as they are starting to winter up. The cold weather keeps them on the move during daylight hours. This is a fun hunt, if you can handle the weather.

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Ed Van Nostrand is a:

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our hunts and package pricing.
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